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(2nd Runner Up) 



  "I love Newcastle...its bright city lights seduced me all the way from Abermain" Ms Denise Gold, practising her acceptance speech at Newcastle Showground 1985 (that she didn't get to read...)


HELLO DOLLIES! Welcome to 'Goldlands' - the Trail O'Gold of good times & magical musical mammaries! Some people say that a caravan doesn't befit my glamorous lifestyle but it's where I grew up in the Hunter Valley Coalfields with my mum Mary & two spinster aunts Rose & Golda so it's good enough for me! Some people rudely say my Dad Roald went into the 'Big House' just to get away from so much oestrogen - the truth is he just can't keep a box of Redhead matches in his pocket if he tries! He's a wag that's for a sure! I wonder when his next parole is due...

My hardworking PA Cherry Holden is just thumping the rugs out over the clothesline strung between the eucalyptus & acacia while I'm doing the pleasantries to welcome you aboard...she's MUCH better following directions & I am so much better at giving them. A generous soul - that's me!

Well here you are on the front page of my website! What's that? By jingo of COURSE you can leave your fat velour cane thongs on - I run a very comfortable outfit - burn holes in the seats on the bus if you like! Cherry's disappeared to get me my can of TAB & put the bins out but will be here in a minute if you want to stick around for a squirt of 4711 & some shiatsu - she picked up A LOT of things on her last trip to Thailand...I can hear her calling me now - she wants to give me a quick rub before we take you through this website so strap yourselves in, start humming those showtunes at the top of your lungs & we'll all get along just fine. Leave your emotional baggage at the door. You won't be needing it where we're going!

And remember to come back & visit me soon - the shagpile welcome mat & overstuffed tiger print beanbags are always Glen 20-ed & out for you here,

Lots of love & footy franks,

Ms Deniiiiiiiise Gold!



Denise & Cherry at the 2010 Rainbow Visions Gay & Lesbian Ball Newcastle City Hall.


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Denise’s music written & recorded by Jason Winn & Matt Gaudry 2009




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