DENISE GOLD has done art gallery openings with Ben Quilty, Brett Whiteley, Annie Liebovitz,  Marilyn Monroe, JFK & Gandhi as wallpaper. She sang Happy Birthday for William Bowmore OBE's 90th, amongst the Henry Moore bronzes, just before he shared the story about his false teeth skidding across the cake icing at a party the night before when he blew more than his candles out. DENISE does gigs with her PA Cherry Holden, her 4 piece band, a chamber orchestra, private functions, fundraisers, special birthdays, big gigs, little gigs, gigs with support acts, solo gigs, gigs with big bands, gigs with a pianist, gigs with backing tracks only, Valentines Day gigs, Christmas gigs, shows for no reason, Trivia nights & particularly enjoys MCing events. She hosted the Rainbow Visions 2010 Gay & Lesbian Ball & seems to be a bit of a hit with the GLBTIQ community...Sometimes the dressing rooms DENISE uses don't have a 'female' sign on them. Let's not forget where it all started...DENISE began performing in a caravan, "The Trail O'Gold", where she & Cherry Holden ran back-to-back cabaret shows fitting in up to 28 people at any one time, replete with red velvet lounges & a 'Bert'n'Bar'.

In other incarnations together Denise & Cherry have done the 2010 Sydney Fringe Festival (scoring the Seymour Centre), JJJ Raw Comedy in 1997 (Glebe Park Hotel), Cracker Comedy Festival in 2003 (The Vanguard) & performed live on a float at 2000 Mardi Gras. They rustled up a corker of a show at the Oxford Hotel as part of Mardi Gras 2011. Life is good at Goldlands folks.

Article on Denise hitting the Sydney Fringe Festival.

A message from Denise - "If you want to book me, get me to write you a private show or just say g'day send me a message through this website. Cherry is waiting at the desk rubbing Avon perfume balm on her in anticipation. (Just don't ask where.)"

Don't forget to check out my YOUTUBE. Let's face it - if you've read this far you already deserve a hand in the Gold family's 500 tournament held April 1st every year!

Kerrie Schaefer in RealTime wrote; 

"... I finally manage to get inside Trail O’Gold, a popular act performed in and around a caravan (with spruiker, ‘Sven’ doubling as ‘masseuse’ to his demanding star). Inside, and once she wakes from her post-coital nap, we are offered an audience with the ‘Novocastrian, almost A-grade star’, Denise Logie-Gold. This act gently parodies Newcastle’s love affair with amateur dramatics and minor celebrities. It includes some hilarious local references and a rendition of The Newcastle Song (Bob Hudson 1975), confirming it as a firm favourite on the circuit." RealTime issue #70 Dec-Jan 2005 pg. 42  


Denise loves writing private shows so contact her through this site if you want to book her!

"Trail O'Gold" MOTOR/home Live Sites, Newcastle 2004, photo by Simone De Peak.